10 Signs He’s Seriously In Love With You

He cares about your happiness, tries to help and is there for you.

Ever ask yourself the question, a�?Is he serious about us?a�? Ita��s easy to develop feelings for a man youa��re dating and then wonder if hea��s on the same page as you. While guys might not come out and say it right away, they do a lot of the same things when theya��re starting to see you as a permanent part of their life.

Here are 17 signs hea��s getting serious about you, in no particular order:

This one sounds like a no-brainer, but the a�?assumed relationshipa�? is common a�� and not something that you want to fall for. If he isna��t trying to date you exclusively, he knows that you could meet someone else at any time and that doesna��t bother him much.

2. He respects your opinion and regularly asks for it.

He listens and shows you respect. He remembers what you say and considers your advice.

3. Hea��s honest and transparent.

A guy whoa��s starting to feel serious about you will try to get everything out on the table so that he doesna��t a�?mess things upa�? with you.

4. He puts out all old flames.

A guy who sees a future with you will cut off contact with all flings and exes. He will turn his focus entirely on you and not allow other women to pop up and ruin everything.

5. Hea��s excited about you when you arena��t around.

If his friends and family report that he wona��t shut up about you, this is a good sign hea��s starting to have serious feelings for you.

6. He wants to get to know you on a deep level.
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Hea��s doesna��t gloss over the little details you mention, and actually cares to listen to you talk about your childhood, your goals and your career. If you mentioned a big presentation at work, hea��ll ask how it went. He cares about what makes you tick and what youa��re up to when he isna��t around.

7. He makes plans with you in advance and sticks with them.

He wants to reserve time with you in advance and will make sure that he doesna��t potentially mess up your relationship by suggesting everything at the last minute. He doesna��t call you at 2am to hook up. He sees a future so he doesna��t mind planning for it with you in it. He brings up events way in the future, like that concert in three months or how you will spend the holidays together.

8. He looks for ways to include you in his interests.

Nothing makes him happier than bonding over his favorite activities with his favorite person. If hea��s interested in golf, tennis, refurbishing old cars, etc., he tries to include you somehow.

9. Hea��s at a point in his life where commitment would work.

Marriage and commitment are in his long-term plan, and hea��s at a point in his life when he might be ready to consider that. When guys are trying to get through school, get their careers off the ground or need to sow more wild oats, commitment is often the last thing on their mind. He must be at a point where hea��s ready for a serious relationship to commit.

10. Youa��ve met his friends and family.

He has no qualms introducing you to his family and friends. He wants to show you off and isna��t afraid of peoplea��s reactions to you.

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Written by Kim

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